We know what Mass Media talks about you

Own online-platform

01. Own online-platform

LookSMI is comfortable and effective service for media monitoring.  

Service allows: 
  • To know what information appears in media about your company
  • To get analytical letups and materials
  • To estimate the results of the conducted measures 
  • It helps to manage reputation of company or person in mass media

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02. Coverage

In our base more than 40 TV channels, more than 300 news editions, more than 50 entertaining magazines and 8000 sites in the internet. Daily we process 50 Gigabyte of video and audio content, scan and recognize more than 1000 pages of text and analyze more than 10000 pages of websites 

Why LookSMI?

03. Why LookSMI?

  • • Actuality (the collection of information is carried out 24/7)  
  • • Magnitude (the greatest selection and delivery of results in Ukraine)
  • • Availability (on-line service is always accessible due to the information is stored on the server)  
  • • Individual approach (work on the basis of requests: «ad hoc» allows to get only necessary information and saves your budget) 
  • • Test period (we are confident in the utility of services, so we give 7 days of trial period free of charge for you to estimate it)

What service provides?

04. What service provides?

• Informational content:  
We allow you to hear opinion about your company, event, person in mass media, to analyze positive and negative reviews in social networks, and to find out most hot messages of day, week, month.  
• Analysis:  
We provide information about frequency of mentions, tonality of publications, AVE, all publications and opinions with your keywords. 
• Influence: 
Service allows to correct the perception of company/person, to know the best time to organize PR-events, to plan publications or actions

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