Services available for all types of media - Internet, Social medias, Printed press, TV, Radio, Information agencies

Access to the our online-platform

01. Access to the our online-platform

Platform foresees access to the client's own portal. On this portal you can follow for all news by set topic. There are many possibilities like to create filters, to build charts and reports, download information on your device in a comfortable format like XLS or PDF. 

See video-presentation of online-platform

02. Clipping

This is a simple report in PDF or DOC format which include all materials by your keywords for specified period. It is very comfortable format to be informed in your topic.

See example
Clipping with analytical notes

03. Clipping with analytical notes

This is extended version of simple clipping which include main graphics and analytical conclusions from our specialists. 

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04. Content-analysis

A report with a results of researches. It's include text selection of news, charts and diagrams, which represent the quantitative and quality indexes of mentions and conclusions from our analysts.

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Records from TV/Radio, scan-copies of newspapers

05. Records from TV/Radio, scan-copies of newspapers

If you need some materials from TV, Radio or printed press, we can give it to you. We make 24/7 record of broadcast channels and have scan-copies of all printed media which we monitor. We are collect and save all this information in our archive.